Numbers in Nature

Friday, April 13, 2018

"Numbers in Nature, Math on the Mountain" is a teacher–scientist partnership that explores stories of place through data. Through the program, teachers and scientists came together to collaboratively explore data that tell the stories of two locations in Central Oregon: the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest (HJA) and Mt. Bachelor. The goal was to increase teachers' data literacy so they could bring data and the stories that those data tell into their classrooms. The Numbers in Nature program is detailed by authors and researchers, Michael Giamellaro and Kari O'Connell, in an article in "Connected Science Learning."  They write, "Learning how to read the stories within data is a learned skill that must be intentionally taught, not only to K–12 students, but also to teachers. This process has the power to help transform science education from a droll recitation of known facts to an immersive exploration of nature, in nature’s own language." To read more, and to view videos of teacher interviews, or of teachers and researchers working together in the field, see the full article