News & Events

November 02, 2018

The first monthly meeting of Fall 2018 will be November 2, 2018.  We will not have an October monthly meeting since many participants will be at the LTER All Scientists Meeting.

Monthly meetings are used to share science, news, and opportunities related to the HJ Andrews Experimental...

October 19, 2018

Dr. Michael P. Nelson of Oregon State University will be presenting on his research that sits at the intersection of ecology, social science, and environmental ethics: "Toward the Inevitable Fusion: Research at the Crossroads of Ethics, Ecology, and Social Scienc."  The talk will be held on the...

October 18, 2018
Artist Leah Wilson took a "six-year deep dive into the forest, working at the intersection of art and science to create art inspired by changes in the forest over an extended length of time." Wilson's work, and her exhibit, are...
October 10, 2018
Researchers at the Andrews Forest, and the forest itself, are featured in an Oregon Public Broadcasting EarthFix television show, "Old Growth Could Be Key For Native Songbird Species To Beat Climate-Change Heat." https://www...
October 06, 2018 to October 27, 2018

Leah Wilson’s solo exhibition of work from the HJ Andrews Experimental Forest since 2012 titled, Leah Wilson: Collecting Evanescence - Six Years at the Andrews, will be seen at Joan Truckenbrod PopUp Gallery in Corvallis, OR.  The exhibition opens October 6 and runs through October 27,...

October 03, 2018
Twenty five researchers, including nine graduate students, represented the Andrews Forest at the LTER Network's All Scientists Meeting, October 1-4, 2018. The meeting featured workshops, talks, and poster sessions to highlight the meeting's...